Flying Lotus defends The Gaslamp Killer following rape allegations (Report)



Flying Lotus has spoken in defence of The Gaslamp Killer following rape allegations made against the producer.

The Gaslamp Killer – real name William Benjamin Bensussen – was recently accused of sexual assault by a Twitter user, who described an alleged incident that she says took place at a party at a Los Angeles hotel in July 2013. The individual claimed that Bensussen (pictured below) “drugged and raped” her and her best friend at the party.

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Bensussen has denied the allegations, responding in a statement that he would “never drug a woman” and claiming that the sexual encounter had been consensual. “Please know that while I am shocked, I take this all very seriously,” he said of the accusations.

The Gaslamp Killer

The Gaslamp Killer

Performing at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Saturday (October 14), experimental hip-hop producer Flying Lotus – who has previously worked with Bensussen – closed his set with a Gaslamp Killer track and told the crowd: “The internet is a fucking liar. Ain’t nobody judge and jury but the fucking law, okay?”

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Flying Lotus then added: “Thank you guys so much for coming, let truth and justice have its day.” See video of Flying Lotus making those comments here.

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You can read more about the allegations levelled at Gaslamp Killer and his response below: