Cryptic letter taunts museum curator looking for missing masterpiece (Report)



A painting by famed 18th century Mexican artist Miguel Cabrera – long believed lost to history – may have been hanging in obscurity on the wall of a Los Angeles home for the last 60 years.

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The artwork, nicknamed “Española,” is the only missing piece from the 16 Cabrera did in a series of casta, or caste, paintings. The painting’s location remained a mystery for decades, until two years ago, when Ilona Katzew, the curator of Latin American art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, received a cryptic letter written in the voice of the little girl featured in the artwork.

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“You should know that I am well and living less than two (2) miles from LACMA,” Española wrote in the letter to Katzew, the Los Angeles Times reported. “I have been in the same family for I believe…

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