Boris Johnson offers MPs ‘last chance’ on election, Report

Boris Johnson offers MPs 'last chance' on election, Report
Boris Johnson offers MPs 'last chance' on election, Report

British Prime Minsiter Boris Johnson was expected to ramp up the pressure on MPs to back a snap general election or face five weeks of watching the Brexit negotiations from the sidelines.

Boris Johnson has until Thursday to send MPs home in a move known as prorogation, but could enforce it as early as today.

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MPs rejected the PM’s motion for a general election last week, with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn saying his party would back one when it was sure a no-deal Brexit was off the table.

A source from Downing Street reportedly said: “[Monday] is the last chance for Corbyn to be Prime Minister and negotiate his delay at Brussels [at the European Council summit] on October 17-18.

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“If he opposes the people having their say in an election on October 15, then MPs should realise they may not be able to stop no deal.”

However, Mr Johnson’s second attempt to secure the two-thirds majority necessary to win is not expected to succeed.

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It could be a double blow for the Prime Minister as meanwhile, a law aimed at preventing no deal by extending the Brexit deadline until January 2020 is expected to receive Royal Assent today.