1,200-year-old Bible seized in Turkey (Picture)

1,200-year-old Bible seized in Turkey (Picture)
1,200-year-old Bible seized in Turkey (Picture)

A Bible thought to be 1,200-year-old has been recovered by Turkish police during an anti-smuggling operation, authorities have confirmed.

Police recovered the ancient manuscript on Monday in the country’s south-eastern province of Diyarbakir after being informed that someone was trying to sell a book with religious scripture.

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Three people were caught red-handed and a further three were arrested later, a statement from the province governorship said. All six remain in custody.

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The leather-bound Biblical text was written across 34 pages and features gold lettering and a cross motif on its front. No other information was given about its origin.

Turkey has in the past few years stepped up anti-smuggling operations as many artefacts plundered in conflict-ridden countries including Syria, Libya and Iraq illegally travel through the eurasian nation to reach the West.

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