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The Princess of Wales revealed her two children have always been characterised by very different traits.

Bursting with pride, the loving mother said she noticed her first-born was already enthusiastic about life and had a will that could hardly be bent by external pushes – despite being only three.

On the other hand, little Prince Harry was much quieter than his brother and future king.

In an interview released in 1985, but recently resurfaced, Princess Diana was asked whether she believed Prince William had a “will of his own”. 

She said: “He certainly does, he is a typical three-year-old, because I’ve worked with three-year-olds, and he is very enthusiastic about things. He pushes himself right into it.

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“He is not at all shy and he is very polite, extraordinarily enough.”

On the other hand, the Princess of Wales believed Harry, who was then only one, to be quite different.

She continued: “Whereas, perhaps Harry is quieter and he just watches, whether he copies William, he waits and sees. 

“He is certainly a different character altogether.” 

Going more in-depth in her analysis of the main traits of the little prince, Diana, then 24, praised William’s independence.

She said: “William is a very independent child.

“He is surrounded by a tremendous amount of grown-ups, so his conversation is very forthright.” 

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Speaking sitting next to husband Prince Charles in their home, Kensington Palace, Diana recalled William’s first day of school, where the toddler showcased this trait.

The princess said: “He just adores other children and he is very much an organiser, which probably may be helpful in future years.

“But he really loved it. 

“He was so organised that day that he chose his shorts and shirt – it was best to put him in that if you wanted him to smile to the cameras. 

“But he is very happy to do that.”

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However, William’s relationship with the cameras wasn’t as peaceful, according to his childhood bodyguard, Ken Wharfe.

Mr Wharfe recalled a sweet exchange between the little prince and his mother on their way to William’s school at Wetherby Prep School in Notting Hill, London. 

He said: “Diana said to him in the car, ‘When you get to school there are going to be lots of media and lots of photographers, you’ve got to behave yourself. 

“‘You’re going to get this for the rest of your life.’

“William turned around and said something which was extraordinary.

“He said, ‘Don’t like ‘tographers’.”