One is getting the bird! Laughing Queen re-records speech after chips interrupt | Royal | News (Details)



The incident is just one of the insights into the Queen’s life in a documentary to be shown on ITV tomorrow at 9.15pm. 

In the clip the Queen is shown responding to a member of the production team who has the unenviable task of asking her to re-do her speech just after she has finished it. 

“Excuse me, could I just ask…” the sound recordist begins hesitantly. 

“Because there was sort of bird noises outside… is it possible to just to, redo it from the top?”

“From the top of the second page?” asks the Queen. “From the very start,” he says. 

“You want the whole thing again?” “If possible. I know it’s,” he apologises before the Queen giggles and gets a relieved “Thank you”. 

Queen Of The World follows the 92-year-old monarch as she prepares to hand over more of her duties to the younger royals. 

It contains interviews with members of the Royal Family and film of them carrying out engagements and behind the scene shots at the royal palaces. 

There are also scenes from private home movies. 

Prince Harry is seen meeting young people from the Caribbean who have been invited to work and train in Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. 

They joke that they have parties every night – to which Harry responds: “Oh dear.” 

The Queen is enjoying the last days of her summer break at Balmoral and is expected to return to Buckingham Palace next week, as she has done in previous years. 

And as her holiday draws to a close she enjoyed a hunting trip with friends on Saturday – and visited an old friend on the way. 

The Queen could be seen treating her horses to mints on the way back from having lunch at Glen Clova with the royal shooting party.


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