Meghan Markle: Duchess of Sussex graduation speech close to Princess Diana’s heart | Royal | News (Details)



In a never-before-seen speech, the Duchess of Sussex shares her experience at middle school and talks about her moral responsibility towards the environment, helping inner-city children and her compassion towards AIDS sufferers, a cause close to Princess Diana’s heart.

The video, which shows Meghan Markle in a white cap and gown, was recorded on June 5 1995 at LA’s Immaculate Heart Middle School, a Catholic private school for girls.

The Duchess of Sussex is seen with a huge smile on her face as she collects her diploma and hugs her middle school teacher.

Meghan said: ”Today we are here to celebrate our graduation, and to share our appreciation for our brief time at Immaculate Heart Middle School.

“Two years ago we came here as young girls — a bit frightened and overwhelmed and filled with wonder and anticipation about our new school and what our future would bring.

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“Today we are proud and more confident young women on our way to high school.”

The then teenager continues to confidently discuss how the school helped her learn to have a responsibility for the environment.

She said: “In science class we observed our fragile environment, and developed a sense of personal responsibility towards our Earth.”

The Duchess continues to talk about her compassion for those living with AIDS, something which was very close to Princess Diana’s heart.

She said: “We also learned about and experienced a deep compassion to those who suffer with the AIDS virus.”

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Meghan goes on to talk about helping children from inner-city schools.

She said: “We also learned to be organised and responsible individuals, with an awareness of our moral responsibility to our school and our community, which we demonstrated when we adopted first and second graders from Immaculate Conception, an inner-city school.”

Meghan was baptised into the Church of England earlier this year before she married Prince Harry, but was raised Episcopalian by her parents, despite going to a Catholic school.

The Royal thanks her parents during the speech “for their sacrifice and commitment to our excellent education”, as well as the school’s founders and staff.

She said: “We have grown in many ways over these last two years – physically, academically, emotionally and spiritually.

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“Faith, hope and respect for God were the topics discussed during religion – to help us develop spirituality in our lives.”

The newly-wed also thanks her middle school for its “cultural days”, when pupils could “celebrate and demonstrate our ethnic and cultural differences”.

She concludes by saying: “Both the painful and happy times we shared here at Immaculate Heart will always be deeply valued.

“Some of us will go into politics, finance, entertainment, education and many other fields.

“But no matter what field we choose, we will always carry the spirit of Immaculate Heart with us.

“And always and forever as women of great heart, dedicate ourselves to making it a better world.”